Data is in our DNA at Saavn. We like to call it Music Science.

Single? Forever Alone? Nope – Taken by Arijit’s Music.

Data · Feb 21, ’17 · Uddhav Parab, Lead Copywriter and Surabhi Shastri, Manager, Data Products

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Nothing’s more divisive than the day of love. But whether you believe in going out on a limb, or treat is just like any other day, you won’t be able to keep music out of it. At Saavn, we love music (obviously), and we love data. It’s the secret love potion that…

Measuring Diversity: Shannon’s Diversity Index

Code, Data · Oct 26, ’16 · Kovid Kapoor, Tech Lead, Data

We keep hearing about how Mumbai and New York are the two most diverse cities in India and US respectively, in terms of the culture and languages of people. So we thought – does our data support this hypothesis? We came up with a metric to measure the diversity score of some of the largest…

Ek Tha Tiger Roars in Tanzania!

Code, Data · Sep 10, ’12 · Saavn

It’s no surprise that South Asian music buffs across the world listen to music on Saavn – there are tons of us dispersed over India, Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Singapore, etc. But what’s kind of amazing is that people in 219 different countries and territories are jamming to Saavn. That’s right… 219! Our resident…