Brand Guide & Assets

Color Logos

Saavn Logo Horizontal - White

Horizontal White

Saavn Logo Horizontal - Green

Horizontal Green

Saavn Logo Icon - White

Icon White

Saavn Logo Icon - Green

Icon Green

Saavn Logo Stacked - White

Stacked White

Saavn Logo Stacked - Green

Stacked Green

Monochrome Logos

Saavn Logo Horizontal - Mono White

Horizontal Mono White

Saavn Logo Horizontal - Mono Grey

Horizontal Mono Grey

Saavn Logo Icon - Mono White

Icon Mono White

Saavn Logo Icon - Mono Grey

Icon Mono Grey

Saavn Logo Stacked - Mono White

Stacked Mono White

Saavn Logo Stacked - Mono Grey

Stacked Mono Grey

Logo Clear Space

Clear space must be maintained around all logo displays, and must be equal on all sides:

Saavn Logo Horizontal Spacing
Saavn Logo Stacked Spacing
Saavn Logo Icon Spacing

Logo Minimum Sizes

Digital: 40px

Print: .4" / 11mm

For all logo displays, the same minimum sizing rules apply. Any resizing must be done proportionally to the original files, and the minimum size does not include the surrounding clear space which must be added.

If you would like to use the Saavn logo at a smaller size, please contact us with your creatives for approval.