Save songs offline.

Saavn Pro is the first South Asian music service to offer completely offline listening. Bad connection, on the move, or running out of data? No sweat. Tap the cloud next to any song to sync it right to your device.

No cables, cards, or computers required.

No Ads. Ever.

With Saavn Pro, you can enjoy your music in peace without ads or interruptions. It's 100% ad-free, now and forever, on your iOS or Android device, and on the web too!

Just you and your music.

Saavn Pro - Player

How does it work?

Watch a few helpful videos to help you get the most out of Saavn Pro.

More Bells & Whistles

Saavn Pro - Offline Mode

No signal? No worries.

Lost signal shouldn't mean lost music. Any time you lose your connection, Saavn Pro will automatically switch to offline mode, where you can listen to any songs you've saved offline, and back online when you're connected again.

No muss, no fuss.

Saavn Pro - Data Settings

Avoid data overages.

With Saavn Pro, you control how much data you want to use. Turn off Sync Over Cellular and we'll only save songs offline when you're on a wifi connection. Or, switch into offline mode and the app will stay offline until you say so.

It's your data. Use it your way.

Saavn Pro - Radio

Listen forever.

With Saavn Radio, pick any song or artist you love and just start listening. We'll take it from there! Listen as long as you like – you can even skip as many songs as you like.

No limits, just music.


What does it cost?

Saavn Pro costs just $3.99 per month (Rs.220) for unlimited, ad-free, uninterrupted music on unlimited devices, and up to 3GB of music saved on any device. No commitment, cancel any time.

What is Saavn Pro Lite?

Saavn Pro Lite costs just $1.99 per month (Rs.110) for the same unlimited, ad-free, uninterrupted music on one mobile device, and up to 1GB of saved music. Still no commitment, cancel any time. *Currently only for Android users.

Is there a free version?

Sure. You can always listen to Saavn as much as you like for free, on the web and your mobile devices, supported by ads. But saving music offline is reserved for our Pro users only.

Can I use it when I travel?

Of course! Anywhere, any time. While, due to rights limitations, some songs may not be available in all regions, any music you've already saved will work wherever you go.

Try Saavn Pro free for 30 days. It's on the house. Because we're nice like that.