We’re starting the week off on the right foot. Model-actress-singer and Miss World Tourism Sonal Chauhan, who stars in this Friday’s 3G, is sharing her picks with Saavn listeners today. Check out Sonal’s choice for Song of the Day and her handpicked workout tracks, Sonal’s Gym Playlist, only on Saavn. We had a chance to chat a little more with Sonal about her music obsessions. Her message for us? “Music and food is my pick-me-up, so I’m really excited about getting to share my favourites with you today!”

Here’s the full transcript of our interview with Sonal:

Sonal, we’re so excited to have you as our celebrity guest editor, especially since you will be our first ever actress-singer! Thank you for sharing your picks with Saavn’s listeners today. What is your editorial choice for Saavn’s Song of the Day (Hindi) today, and why is this your pick?
Well it has to be from my movie 3G – “Kaise Bataoon.” It was my first time recording a song, so I am a bit biased, but it is also a beautiful song. I am all about falling in love and this song captures that emotion perfectly. It’s about loving someone but not knowing how to tell them because words fail you. It’s so simple and so beautiful.

You’ve made your singing debut with “Kaise Bataaon” from 3G and we’re impressed! Are you a trained singer? How did this recording come about? Can you tell us more about your studio experience?
I love music; I have always been very passionate about it, but I have never been trained. You will always hear me singing something or the other. Singing makes me happy; music is my stress buster. So even on set, when we were in between shots, I would sing once in a while and my directors heard me. A few days later they called me and told me that they want me to come into the studio and record the song because they haven’t been able to find the right person the match it. I thought they were joking, but then, next thing I knew, I was at the studio and was a nervous wreck. But Mithoon was very encouraging. He told me to just let go and have fun. I did just that.

Do you have plans to record more music?
Never say never :). I never thought I would record a song, especially for my own movie. I love singing, and with the right guidance… you never know.

Who are your favorite recording artists/music directors?
Mithoon, Amit Trivedi, Pritam.

Are there any songs, singers, or music directors you keep coming back to? When do you find yourself drawn to these?
Mithoon’s music is addictive; there is a simplicity to his melodies and it’s always so soothing, yet so deep, like “Maula Mere Maula.” I also love “Tu Mera Hero.” There’s something about that song…I could be exhausted, but the minute that song starts playing, I have to get up and dance!

Are there any other messages you’d like to share with Saavn’s listeners today?
Saavn is a fantastic initiative and I am very excited to work with you. I am a music freak; I always have something or the other playing in the background. Music and food is my “pick me up,” so I’m really excited about getting to share my favourites with you today!