The most interesting man in the world! From Salaam Bombay to D-Day, one of India’s international bright lights, Irrfan Khan, is sharing his favorite music with Saavn listeners today! Check out Irrfan’s favorite tunes on his Irrfan’s Mix playlist, only on Saavn. We also had a chance to talk classics (Jim Morrison and Pakeezah, anyone?) and dream destinations with the inimitable Irrfan.

Here’s the full transcript of our interview with Irrfan:

Irrfan, we’re so excited to have you as our celebrity guest editor – your work, in India and internationally, makes the industry, the country, and the diaspora proud! Thank you for sharing your picks with Saavn’s listeners! What is your editorial choice for Saavn’s Song of the Day today, and why is this your pick?
Alvida from D-Day. I believe it is a unique mixture of classical and contemporary. Shruti Hassan, Nikhil D’Souza, and Sukhwinder have done a fabulous job on it.

Who are your favorite recording artists/music directors, in any language?
Music Director: Vishal Bharadwaj
Artists: Saih Zahur (Pakistani) and Ayoor Dogan (Turkish)

Are there any songs, singers, or music directors you keep coming back to? When do you find yourself drawn to these?
The Beatles, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Nusrat Sahab, Guide, Pakeezah. These songs never get old. Every time you listen to them you’d find something new in them.

Do you find any differences between working in studio (commercial) and independent (parallel) cinema, whether in India or abroad? Does it matter to you?
There isn’t any difference in work conditions. The difference lies in the choice of subject, treatment etc. Studios go for formulas which are sure shot hits, while independent film makers go for content. They’re more experimental. Of course, it matters. The subject and content is important. Studios evaluate on basis of the actor’s potential; independent cinema makers are willing to take risks, they see the potential in the subject, and for me as an actor, content is of high value.

Tell us a little bit about D-Day. Are there any particular scenes or songs that stand out for you?
D-Day is a brilliant movie. It is the first Bollywood spy thriller that shows the real story in the life of a spy. It is a great combination of a spy story with some magnificent Hollywood action choreographed by Tom Struthers and John Street. Duaan, Alvida, and Murshid specifically stand out for me. Murshid more so because it is after long that I’ve come across such a beautiful qawali.

We’d gander you’ve had the chance to travel the world for work. Any favorite cities/locales?
I love Istanbul, Montreal, and Budapest. I am waiting to visit Russia. I believe it’s a beautiful country.

Can you give us a sneak peak of what’s next for you in 2013/2014?
I have D-Day coming up and Lunchbox is next. I am still in talks for a few more movies but nothing is fixed yet.