Go listen to music. Go play music. Go be around music.  This was the one request our CEO, Rishi Malhotra, left us with at the close of Saavn’s last global all-hands meeting.

And it’s the single most important thing we do at our company. Music isn’t just our business; it’s our lifestyle and our passion. It’s at the core of everything we do. And we’re not alone. From classical sitar in India to an indie-rock hit in the U.S. to the beat of a drum in Africa, music is a cross-cultural thread that knows no borders. In fact, the ability to recognize and move to a rhythm is more natural to humans than talking.

Music is power transformed and it’s transformational power.  The right tune can lift our mood, change the ambiance in a room, make us run faster, or help us stay focused. The right beat can heal us emotionally and physically.

Music is powerful in itself, but at Saavn, we like to take things a step further. So we’re launching #MusicForMeals, a new initiative with our friends at Akshaya Patra that will amplify music’s inherent ability to heal the world.

Here’s how it works. For every hour of music you stream on Saavn, we’ll make a monthly contribution to feed one child one day’s meal. Our goal is to provide 5000 children with hot meals every school day for a year.

Why is this important? Because these children represent the future. And for just 750 rupees, a child can have access to a nutritious meal at school every day for an entire year. Schools participating in Akshaya Patra’s Mid Day Meals program see regular attendance levels that are greater than 90%. By comparison, the average attendance rate for primary school students in India is around 70%.

That’s quite an impact. And we want to give our passionate users and friends in the industry the ability to take part in improving the lives of India’s next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and artists.

If you’re a company or individual in the digital, music or entertainment space, we encourage you to join us.

And if you’re one of the millions of people who stream on Saavn each day, we just have one request: go listen to music!

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