Today, let’s stand together.

It is hard to find the words to express the tragedy of so many people lost to the Nepal earthquake.

But, amidst the darkness of devastation on this scale, there is always light. The world comes together; we remember what (and who) matters most in our lives; we embrace compassion; we express our love more freely and frequently; and we support our brothers and sisters who need it most. Right now, the people who need us happen to be our neighbors. And for many of us, they are much more than that.

We never know what tomorrow will bring, and the families of thousands of people are acutely aware of that this week.  This should be a reminder to love more fully every day – not just in the aftermath of tragedy.

Today, we can start with Nepal. Donate to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, the World Food Programme,  or via Paytm. Together, we can help recover and rebuild thousands of lives and one beautiful country.