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I’m trying to log in with my phone number, but didn’t receive my one-time password (OTP).

Sometimes, SMS messages can take some time to deliver, so just hang in there for a bit. Alternately, you can tap on Send New Code and then tap on Send Code in Facebook (only if your mobile number is saved on Facebook).

If your mobile number isn’t linked t o your Facebook account and if you’ve been waiting more than 10 minutes and still haven’t received your OTP, let’s do a few quick checks:

  • Did you enter the correct number?
  • Are you connected to your mobile network?
  • Have you blocked or disabled SMS or text messages?

If the answer to the above questions is No, you’ve probably already figured it out! 🙂 However, we recommend you double-check everything and try again after a few minutes.

Also, some carriers can occasionally institute restrictions on when automated SMS messages can be delivered. So if you’re trying to log in late at night, it’s possible that delivery may be blocked by your carrier. This is very unlikely, but it can happen and should clear up on its own during normal business hours.

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